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Our Perspective

Most traditional practices focus on treating the patient's acute symptoms instead of understanding and targeting the root causes of the underlying disease process. Many of these processes are triggered by inflammation in various parts of the body.

The Institute's guiding principle is to identify those factors which create or contribute to the inflammation and mitigate and/or treat those factors to return the body to a balanced state of homeostasis.

Our Approach

Our patients bring a variety of difficult and unique conditions to the Zabrecky Institute of Biomedicine. Each is provided a customized and unique course of treatment using complementary therapies best suited to his or her condition. This course of treatment is based on a detailed evaluation which may include:

  • Evaluation and consultation by our integrative medical team
  • Evaluation of the body's current risk for disease
  • Evaluation for interfering structural, biochemical and environmental factors
  • Review of current treatments of any active disease processes
  • Support for genetic weaknesses through prevention to help fortify and maintain the body's reserves
  • Education aimed at adopting changes which will reverse the degenerative process
  • Recommendations for treatment at the Institute and referrals to other physicians or health professionals for co-treatment as required.