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The Zabrecky Institute of Biomedicine uses a variety of diagnostic procedures to pinpoint your health issue.

Brain Health

  • QEEG
  • PET/fMRI
  • advanced labs to detect cellular brain damage and inflammation of the brain

Gut Health

  • highly specific stool tests
  • food allergy testing
  • advanced bloodwork to assess for inflammation, genetics, food sensitivity

Neurodegenerative Disorders

  • advanced blood and urine testing
  • PET/fMRI
  • QEEG
  • genetic testing

Autoimmune Disorders

  • nutrtional deficiencies
  • toxic exposures
  • advanced bloodwork
  • biomarkers

Chronic Disease

  • advanced blood work
  • biomarkers and inflammatory markers

Chronic Fatigue

  • mycotoxin testing
  • hormone testing
  • adrenal testing
  • allergy testing
  • autoimmune work-up
  • viral/tick-borne/infection testing
  • assessment of stress