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Aggie Hewitt, MD

Meet Aggie Hewitt, MD, of the Zabrecky Institute of BiomedicineDr. Aggie Hewitt completed her medical residency in Family Medicine, worked for years as a hospitalist, then enjoyed a primary care practice. Three years ago, she made a definitive move into Integrative medicine, where she became proficient in the techniques of great healers like Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

Her academic background is in Biophysics, spending two summers at MIT working as a Research Fellow in the field of Biophysics, where she published original research in the Biophysical Journal and the American Journal of Physics. Additionally, she is published in Gerontology (Journal of Palliative Medicine), Orthopedics (Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research) and in the Annals of Internal Medicine. She joined forces with Dr. Zabrecky in November 2016, and she shares in his methods of inquiry and his vision for patient care.