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Medical Records

If you have been treated in the past by your primary care physician, or any other health care provider, you may obtain copies of your medical records to bring to your first appointment.

To obtain medical records from another physician or medical facility, we suggest that you contact your physician's office or the hospital or outpatient facility where the testing was performed and request your medical records. As general rule, most offices request a signed medical release form from the patient to protect your confidential records. In some states, a medical office or hospital may require thirty (30) days' notice to release your medical records or require records to be sent directly to the physician at the office address. There may be a charge for this service. You may call your physician's office or make a request in writing (via fax or mail) to forward or fax your records directly to the Institute to expedite the request. It is always best to fax a written request to the medical facility or travel to your physician's office to pick-up copies of your records and sign the release. One of our staff members will try to assist you in obtaining records for an immediate appointment.

You may decide to copy your records for your own personal file. On your first appointment, our office will be happy to copy records, at no charge, that the Institute will keep on file. One copy of any of your testing performed in our office is available at no charge to you. Additional copies are available for a small fee.

After careful review of your records, the Institute reserves the right not to accept a patient for care if our providers believe that you are unlikely to benefit from an assessment and possible treatment at the Institute. In that event, you may or may not be referred to another provider who might better serve your needs.

Most patients are accepted for treatment at our facility. If further treatment or medication is required which is not available, a patient may be referred to an outside medical provider or facility.