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Telephone Consultations

Telephone consultations are utilized for some patients to provide an initial assessment of new patients who live long distances from our office or as an option for some follow-up office visits which do not require on site examination or treatment at the Institute. The new patient coordinator, along with our physician staff will determine if this is an appropriate option on a case by case basis. If you are a new patient and are planning to schedule a telephone consultation with any of our providers, the following is required for your appointment:

  1. All medical records pertinent to the patient's diagnosis or disorder are required to be sent to our offices via secure e-mail, fax or mail. An office staff member will instruct patients on how to obtain their medical records from other physicians if needed.
  2. The new patient letter must be read thoroughly, completed, signed and sent or returned to our offices with the patient's medical records.
  3. Fees for a new patient telephone consultation are billed at the rate of $600.00 per hour. A prepayment is required for all new patient Telephone Consultations. An Easy Pay Consent form is to be filled out, signed and returned to our office with a patient's medical records and signed new patient letter.

When the above items are received from the patient, an office staff member will telephone the prospective patient to schedule the telephone consultation date and time that the physician will call.

After a new patient telephone consultation, a patient will be given recommendations and referrals, or this information will be reviewed during a follow-up appointment. A patient may be requested to make a follow-up appointment to come to our office, see one of our providers or attend a treatment session at another medical facility. These options are discussed with the patient during the initial contact and during the telephone consult. All patients are given specific therapies conjunctive to their specific case and diagnosis. Treatment may not be recommended to start before a follow-up appointment. A patient's credit card is charged after the appointment date, not before.

Before Your Appointment

Our office must receive your medical records and signed new patient forms before your appointment.

Please send the completed new patient forms and your medical records to the institute by email, fax, or U.S. mail prior to your appointment. Doing so will allow the physicians and staff ample time to review your records and set up your patient chart. If this is not possible, then you may bring this information with you the day of your appointment.